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Key West 2005
Princess Plapla

Plapla was an early birthday gift from Rick.  We got her on July 31, 2005.  Her name comes from a character in an Italy movie. 


In early September, Plapla broke her leg...
she did it again in November. She was not allowed to walk for 5 months.

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This picture was taken the day she broke her leg.
Plapla broke her leg by jumping off the couch.
Strike a pose!
Our very own Incredible Journey

westin bed sleeping.jpg

Due to the fact that Plapla was not allowed to walk for 5 months, she basically grew up laying on us.  Now that she is allowed to walk, she rarely does...generally she RUNS.  But one thing has not changed, when it's time to rest she chooses to rest on one of us.  This is just a typical picture.  When she's tired, she's on the chest, lap, stomach, back, or head of one of us.

Plapla and Conway are truly best friends...
Trooper tolerates them both. After all, they are animals.

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All grown up...
Plapla and her first birthday cake
Mardi Gras 2006

It's rare to see the three of them together, close enough for a picture.

And yes...
she did grow into those ears!

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