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Welcome to Room 116, Mr. Kee's Room
English IV Cather in the Rye Page

Bonus Question:
The first person to email me (or leave a message on my school voice mail) with the correct answer will receive 15 bonus points.  This week's question is:
What does Sally Hayes think about Hodlen and why does she feel this way?

This reading guide is designed to help you get the most out of the novel The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger.  Please use these questions to guide your reading and understanding of the novel.  Preview the questions before you begin to read Chapters 1-12.  Email your responses to me when you get each question answered and add the questions and the answers to your notebook over the novel.
1.  How did Holden ruin the day for the fencing team?
2.  Does Holden's opinion of Mr. Spencer improve or decline during his visit?  Why?
3.  What does Holden purchase in New York City?
4.  What kind of person is Ackley?
5.  What kind of person is Stradlater?
6.  How does Holden react when he discoverst the idenity of Stradlater's date?  Why?
7.  How does Holden carry out his second promise to Stradlater?
8.  Why does Holden take a punch at Stradlater?
9.  Why is Holden crying when he leaves Pencey?
10.  What lies does Holden tell Mrs. Morrow on the train?
11.  Who is Hazel (or "Hazle") Weatherfield?
12.  Are Holden's memories of Jane Gallagher positive or negative?  Explain why.
13.  What does Holden think of the people (including Ernie) in Ernie's Bar?

Copyright 2003, Tim Kee.  All rights reserved.
Updated August 2003

Read the poem Holden quotes in the novel.