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Senior Memory Book Information

As part of the senior requirements, all English IV students are required to complete a memory book.  The specifics of this assignment will be given throughout the year, but here is a brief description of the book.


Senior Memory Book

During this class, you will write a book, a Senior Memory Book.  It will consist of your memories and thoughts from your whole life.  This collection of memories will be due at the end of the year, but you must begin now and work on it for the remainder of the course in order to complete it on time.  Library time to type chapters will be given.  Expect frequent progress checks. The final product will be presented in a three-ring portfolio folder.  You will be graded on neatness, creativity, grammar/mechanics, and punctuality. 

You will be working on this project all year, turning in the required number of entries every other week.  You will write a memory book in which you will reflect on different periods in your life and write your memories about them.  Some memories may be funny, sad, or even painful.  You do not have to share anything you do not feel comfortable sharing, and may replace any chapter(s) with a different topic you like better, if you wish.  I will never share the content of you memory book with anyone not even your parents.

You memory book grade will be based on the following:  whether or not it meets the deadlines established for each chapter, and whether or no it is written thoughtfully and presented neatly.  Entries MUST be typed.

You will turn in your entries on separate sheets of paper.  Put a header on each page, which includes your name, the chapter title, and the page number.  I will grade and keep these entries in your portfolio all year.  At the end of the year we will work on putting the entries in a binder.  If you wish, you may include photos and other memorabilia in the memory book; that is your choice.  You will receive your bound memory book at graduation. 

Your Senior Memory Book will contain the following sections:

Preface:  What will my senior year hold for me?  What are your goals/hopes for your final year of high school?

Chapter:  Who Am I?  In this chapter, you will describe what kind of person you think you are, your interests, and anything else you can think of that is important to you

Chapter 2:  Before Me  Here you will describe your family members before you (parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles. Earlier ancestors and so on).                         

Chapter 3:  Suddenly, I Became Me  Describe the stories you have heard, combined with your own memories, about your earliest years (pre-school).

Chapter 4:  School Bells Here, you will write your memories from your earliest school years (nursery school through about 2nd grade).                                

Chapter 5:  More School Bells  Grades three through five.       .

Chapter 6:  I Grew Up Here Describe the community/communities in which you grew up.       

Chapter 7:  Hide and Seek Describe the childhood games you played with people in your neighborhood.

Chapter 8:  My First Crush  In this chapter you could tell about your first crush or first boyfriend/girlfriend, or your first date, etc.

Chapter 9:  I Wish I Could See __ Again   Write about someone you used to know, but havent seen for a long time and may never see again.

Chapter 10:  Middle school  Grades six through eight.

Chapter 11:  Thats Entertainment  Write about your favorite movies/books/television shows  which have impacted you life, or which bring back special memories.

Chapter 12:  I Think Im in Love  Tell about the first time you (thought you) were in love.     

Chapter 13:  Lets Take a Vacation  Describe a special trip/vacation you once took, or planned to take, but didnt.

Chapter 14:  High School:  The Early Years  Write some memories about your first three years of high school.

Chapter 15:  High School:  At Last, Im a Senior  Review your preface.  Did you Accomplish your goals?  What did you like best/least about your senior year?  Discuss your last year of high school.      

Epilogue:  If I could live my life over again I would

Purpose of this activity:

Believe it or not, you will have life after high school.  This is one way to remember your life from the beginning.  I would like to see this activity be something that constantly grows and inspires.  I would like to see you all 20 years from now and have some of you tell you that you are still continuing to keep a memory book.  As seniors in high school you should be aware of the fact that your life as an adult is beginning.  Its time to start acting that way


20 years from now, it wont matter what shoes you wore, how your hair looked, or the jeans you bought.  What will matter is what you learned and how you used it 

Why do we have to do this activity?

As a teacher in the state of Illinois, I attempt to guide my students to reach certain state educational goals.  This activity relates to State Goal 3:  Write to communicate for a variety of purposes (3.A.5, 3.B.5, 3.C.5a, 5.A.5a, 5.A.5b, 5.B.5a).  For more information about state goals, visit my website and click on the link.

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