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Lord of the Flies Project

Can you Survive the


Project Purpose and Goals:

In order to better understand the characters in the novel Lord of the Flies, you will become one of them.  You will pair up with a classmate and you will complete an analysis on a character from the novel.  

The first part of this project will be to bring jungle items to the classroom.  These items can be artificial plants, fruits, or animals.  These items should be representative of items that the characters in the novel might see (bamboo, etc.).  Using the items that have been brought to class, we will turn an area of the classroom into a jungle.  Everyone is expected to bring something in, but the items do not have to be purchased for the project.  Items can be brought from home; you will be able to bring them home at the end of the project.  If you do not bring items to the classroom by April 25, 2005, you will lose the points that are given for this portion of the project.  This item will be included in the Presentation grade.

You and your partner will have time to meet, during class, several times in the three-week period this activity will take place.  During that time you will be responsible for planning your presentation.  You will decide which character you will present, who will portray the character, what to bring to represent the character (make-up, props, etc.) and what you want your audience to know about him.  Everyone will use the jungle items.  The person that brings them may only use individual props. The character description should be a thorough character analysis all wrapped up into one or two sentences. 

Your character analysis (physical and written) will be made into one PowerPoint slide.  These slides will be included in a PowerPoint presentation, which will be presented to the class.  Keep in mind that the majority of this project is your responsibility.  During the in-class meeting times you will have little time to do much more than make decisions about the slide, so dont waste the time you are given.  This presentation is worth a lot of points, so take it seriously.

I suggest that you visit the Lord of the Flies links to get into the mood of this lesson.  Do you truly think you can Survive the Lord of the Flies?

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Project timeline:
Scheduled Meeting Dates:

April 18, April 20, April 22, April 25.

Final meeting date is April 29.

Photo Date:  May 4

PowerPoint Presentation:  May 24

Grading Scale:

Classroom behavior        75 points                          

Originality                      75 points                                             

Presentation                  75 points                          

Partners Grade              75 points                        

                                   300 points

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Last revised March, 2005