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Welcome to Mr. Kee's Room

Mr. Kee's Class Rules

This is a list of rules that are expected to be followed by students in my classes.  All students are familiar with the rules and have signed copies of them.

Kee’s Classroom Policies for 2005-2006

Ten daily participation points will be given to each student. These points will be counted as a regular test grade every two weeks. Students who break any of the classroom rules will lose these points.

1. ALL student planner rules will be enforced.

2. There should be no talking after the tardy bell rings.

3. No profanity in the classroom.

4. ALWAYS bring a book and something to write with to class unless you are told otherwise.  Do not, however, bring anything that requires headphones.  These items are not allowed in class.  Be sure to bring your student planner daily.  If you do no have your planner, you may not use the hall pass.

5. No food (including chewing gum) or drinks (including water) are allowed in the classroom.  If I hear you chewing gum, then it is a problem.  Water is allowed ONLY with a permission slip from Mr. Grant.

6. Be in your seat when the tardy bell rings and stay there until the class is over. Once the seating arrangements are made they will not change.

7. Make-up work will be given outside of class time. You have one day (with an excused absence) to make up any missed work. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO GET ANY MAKE-UP WORK. Students with unexcused absences will not be allowed to make up work. Make-up work will be located on the shelf in front of my desk. It is arranged by hours.

8. No talking while I am talking.

9. Do your own work on all of your work. If you are caught cheating you will receive a zero on the assignment.

10. This is not cosmetology class. Keep all hair brushes and make-up in your locker.

11. Disrespecting the teacher or other student will not be tolerated.

12. Vandalism will not be tolerated in any form, this includes writing in the books, the desks or destroying anything in the classroom.

13. Your points will be taken if you are: tardy, talking, not working on your assignment, have an unexcused absence, use a hall pass or break any of the other above mentioned rules. After you lose your points, the next infraction will result in a detention. If another incident occurs that hour you will be sent to the office.

14. Don’t bother asking if you lost your points. If you have done something that makes you think you did, odds are they are gone.

15. All of these rules apply if I am here or not. If a substitute is teaching for the day, the rules are the same.

16. My web page will be updated with my daily lessons. If you are not at school and have a computer at home you can access your work on-line.   The address is:

Last revised August 2005.
Copyright 2002, Tim Kee.  All rights reserved.